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Our vision is to be a unique and distinctive business incubator and center of business and education in the region.

About Us

The idea for opening the business incubator in Sisak was the result of Applied Ceramics Ltd's desire to create an environment that would enable the development of SMEs, start-up companies and quality business projects.

What is

PISAK is a business incubator located in the former Institute for Development in Caprag, where we’ve renovated 800m 2 of office space to create 16 flexible office 20 m2 offices that can be connected according to the needs of our users. Surrounded by a forest of ancient oaks,PISAK is an idyllic place to work and boost creativity.


Our mission is to offer mentoring, counseling, and marketing support that will enable start-up companies to survive the most critical stages of development and become successful company that will help the economy Sisak County.


Our vision is to be a  unique and distinctive business incubator and the center of business education in the region.


  • To provide quality and appropriate business support to entrepreneurs in the incubator.
  • To provide professional, intellectual, and office services
  • To promote entrepreneurship in Sisak and the strengthening the entrepreneurial spirit
  • To link public and private sectors in the region
  • To promote networking among companies
  • To contribute to Sisak’s ambition and growth


Business Incubator Sisak is the only incubator in the region and wants to maintain its leading position and become a center of gathering for entrepreneurs. It was created through a public-private partnership, and as such represents a link between the public sector and private businesses.

PISAK sets goals for enterpreneurs through everyday professional and advisory support, but also through various activities aimed at networking and strengthening of the entrepreneurial spirit.

Office space

Do you have a business and want to develop a new product, craft or a start-up and you do not have a place to work?
Become a tenant and fokus on your business; your rent is subsidized for a period of 5 years.
Prices are without tax.


Year of incubationPrice in HRK per month
1st YEAR 15.00 kn/m2
2nd YEAR 20.00 kn/m2
3rd YEAR 30.00 kn/m2
4th YEAR 40.00 kn/m2
5 YEAR 50.00 kn/m2


Our officies are designed as 16 modules, each 20 m2 in size with the possibility of interconnecting officies according to the needs of our tenants.

PISAK’s tenants receive:

  • Free use of meeting rooms, associated ancillary facilities and equipment
  • Free internet for basic office management
  • Counseling and mentoring services
  • Secretarial services at subsidized prices
  • Advertisement on our portal and social networks

What offers

Virtual office

PISAK offers the possibility of virtual office services which include: a rental business addresse, mailbox use, the possibility of redirecting mail to the address of the user, the possibility of scanning received mail and delivering it via email and fax services.

Conference room

Do you have a business meeting, conference or similar gathering for a larger group of people and do not have adequate space? PISAK has a solution for this: conference room and hall rentals for external users.

The room is available for

  • Entrepreneurs (with companies up to two years old)
  • Young entrepreneurs (up to age 30)
  • Female entrepreneurs
  • Student entrepreneurs
  • Entrepreneurs with disabilities
  • Innovators
  • Designers
  • Entrepreneurs who are engaged in information technology
  • Entrepreneurs developing new products or service

Educational activities

PISAK’s activities are organized into different groups depending on the type of activity and the target group (local entrepreneurs, start-up entrepreneurs or student entrepreneurs) for the purpose of better informing and specifically designing workshops in different areas of interest.
The goal of our workshops and educational activities is to promote entrepreneurship, partnership with public support institution, and PISAK as a center of entrepreneurship in Sisak.



Educational activities through
which PISAK plans to achieve its goals

  1. Organizing seminars and presentations:
    1. Free seminars
    2. Specialized seminars
    3. Promotional presentation of business partners
  2. Participation in regional conferences and meetings regarding Sisak’s development
  3. Encouraging social responsibility

PISAK promotes social responsibility at all levels of business.We participate and support variety of cultural, environmental, innovative social events, and we strive to involve the local community.

PISAK as part of its office space, in addition to office space of 16 modules has theaters / halls of different capacities with all necessary equipment (projector, screen, WiFi, Internet):

CONFERENCE ROOM – capacity of 10-12 places

HALL 1 – capacity 20 places (with working surfaces), 40 seats

HALL 2 – capacity 25 seats (with working surfaces), 50 seats

HALL 3 – capacity 58 seats (with working surfaces), 80 seats

CONFERENCE HALL – capacity of 108 fixed seats (expandable with an additional 50 seats MHEST)





Stay informed
folow us


    • PRO DOMUM J.D.O.O.
    • ECOLAN
    • FLORIDUS AROMA j.d.o.o.
    • INDOP D.O.O. za proizvodnju, trgovinu i usluge
    • EUROFOREST d.o.o. predstavništvo u Hrvatskoj
    • SIKOL Š.Z. d.o.o.
    • KISIKANA d.o.o.
    • MARACOM d.o.o.
    • STUDIO ART j.d.o.o.
    • GLOBAL TAPE d.o.o.
    • CURIOUS CAT j.d.o.o.

Our partners

  • The city of Sisak is our partner in creating a program of measures to encourage the development of SMEs in the area of Sisak through the joint project “CENTER FOR EDUCATION AND BUSINESS CONSULTING”





  • The company Applied Ceramics is specialized in the production of materials, mechanical processing, and servicing replacable components used in the semiconductor industry, and was founded with direct US investment. The transfer of knowledge and technology, imported directly from Silicon Valley, is a successful example of how a quality entrepreneurial project can achieve remarkable success on the market.

  • The main project partner is the Ministry of Business and Trade. With the help of our partner, we invested in office equipment and furnished multifunctional rooms for meetings and seminars. All users of the incubator have free access to meeting rooms and seminar halls.

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